Our environmental impact assessment (EIA) departmental process of handling our clients project is an interdisciplinary and multistep procedure to ensure that environmental considerations are included in decisions regarding projects that may impact the environment.
Simply defined, our EIA process helps identify the possible environmental effects of a proposed activity and how those impacts can be mitigated.
Our purpose of the EIA process is to inform decision-makers, clients and the Government of the environmental consequences of implementing a proposed project.
The EIA document itself is a technical tool that identifies, predicts, and analyses impacts on the physical environment, as well as social, cultural, and health impacts.
Our EIA process is always successful, it identifies alternatives and mitigation measures to reduce the environmental impact of a proposed project.
Our EIA process also serves an important procedural role in the overall decision-making process by promoting transparency and public involvement.
In other words, Our EIA process ensures an informed decision, and finally an environmentally beneficial decision.